6 June 2017
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6 June 2017,

Multimedia Film Review of Alien Covenant

Our workshop (The Multimedia Social Skills Workshop in Leeds) really enjoys Sci-fi horror movies and we wanted to watch the newest Alien for inspiration for our Mini-Series Project. Here are our thoughts on the film.

“Great Action, slow start, really good acting, creative deaths. Annoying plot hole but I won’t spoil the ending. Noticed a few references to the original 1979 movie.”

“Quite good. As a Star Trek fan I thought the space scenes looked realistic. I noticed that some footage from the trailer never made it to the film. “

“Really liked the film. It had 3-dimentional characters, which meant you felt for them during some of the scenes. New Neomorphs were interesting as showed variations to the earlier species shown in 1979 movie. Some scenes broke from the original Alien mythology.”

“Good, Effects were realistic, Enjoyed seeing the neomorth for the first time. Much better then Prometheus”

“I found it boring and confusing”

The skills we learnt from visiting to the cinema:

  • Respect for others’ opinions
  • Communicating own view point
  • Tolerance of public places
  • Purchasing tickets at the till.
  • Making appropriate choices
  • Time management
  • Turn Taking
  • Patience


And to round it off, some original artwork from some workshop members:


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