About our Autism Awareness Training

SAS’ autism awareness training has been invaluable within my job role and for my overall understanding of the condition

Having worked with adults with autism for nearly two decades we have amassed a wide range of strategies and evolved effective working practices through ongoing evaluation of our service and consultation with the individuals that we directly support. We currently offer two ways that you can access our  autism awareness training:

Which type of training is best for me?

Bespoke autism awareness training packages

Are you an organisation or community group looking to raise your team’s awareness of autism, broadly or around a specific area? We offer a bespoke training package that is centred around the current needs of your organisation. This means that we can deliver training that specifically explores any issues or difficulties that you are experiencing as a team. We will come to you and provide individualised training sessions around topics like reasonable adjustments, community work, sensory issues and more.

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Accredited Autism Awareness training courses

Perfect for parents/carers, health professionals and all other individuals that may work or come into contact with individuals on the spectrum. As an individual you can broaden your knowledge and skills by booking on to one of our available full or half day accredited training courses. If you prefer we can deliver this training to your entire staff team at your premises instead. These accredited courses will aid in developing appropriate communication, effective working practices and more.

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Where do we provide Autism Awareness Training?

We provide Autism Awareness Training nationally as well as out of premises across Yorkshire, however the service is coordinated in

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