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I wish other autism services would use this model, it would help no end with engagement, reducing stress and behaviours.

Under the name Autism First we offer a unique service specifically for adults with autism who have additional needs, such as a learning disability and/or other complex support requirements. With a primary focus on an individual’s autistic needs, we provide person-centred support through an autism-specific learning plan that addresses social, physical, sensory and behavioural needs thereby promoting personal development.Autism First Outside

We aim to make a positive difference to the lives of the people we support and by using a range of autism-specific approaches tailored to meet an individual’s needs and abilities we can alleviate frustration and reduce anxieties that ultimately facilitate learning.

This begins with our individual transitional plan that is developed with the individual and their support network. This allows us to continue our assessment and provides time for relationship building. We have no time restraints on this process as we recognise that for this to be a positive experience it is essential that we deliver this at a pace that suits the individual.

Within our autism-specific learning plan thereafter, we work in line with a progressive model of support that builds social tolerance and communication skills through the use of drama, music, arts and independent living skills that are then linked to practical sessions in the local community. This phased approach towards group involvement leads to increased self-esteem, independence and social inclusion. Throughout the programme we empower individuals to communicate their needs and preferences and ensure that the support they receive is tailored accordingly.

Ultimately we create an environment in which we do not limit expectations of our members. Regardless of ability each individual can grow, make choices and be valued.

The key aims of the Autism First Project are: 

  • Helping people reach their goals and increase their independence
  • Assessing individuals’ learning styles and ASC needs and developing a service which is personalised to them
  • Developing services in consultation with the people we support and their networks
  • Maintaining an empowering culture in an Autism friendly environment
  • Recognising, respecting and promoting the rights of the people we support
  • Recruiting, training and retaining a multi-disciplinary staff team.

Where do we provide the Autism First service?

We provide the Autism First service in

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