17 March 2017
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17 March 2017,

The Bradford Autism Partnership Board is working to develop and implement the Bradford and district Autism Strategy. They have formed several groups:

  1. Autism Awareness and Information-this group has looked at raising awareness of Autism Spectrum conditions and the daily challenges that people can face. The group have suggested that organisations such as Adult Social Care, the NHS, employment and housing need an Autism Champion who can help their own staff understand how Autism affects people and what they can do to help people with Autism have a pleasant experience if they access their services
  1. Employment-This group have looked at the difficulties people face in getting a job and would like to find a solution which would make this easier for people
  1. Housing-This group have looked at the difficulties people have in finding suitable accommodation and would like to find a solution to help make this easier for people
  1. Diagnostic Service-This group have looked at setting up a service in Bradford which provides assessments and advice for people who think they may have an Autism Spectrum Condition


The Autism Partnership Board would really like you to be part of the discussions as your views are important. One way you can do this is by answering the questions at the bottom of this post.

 The topics for the most recent discussion at the Autism Partnership Board were:

1.     The Autism/Neuro Diversity Strategy- The Autism Partnership Board in Bradford have been tasked with providing information which will be written into the Autism strategy (a plan of how to make things better in the district for people with Autism) a suggestion has been made that by calling it a Neuro Diversity strategy it will then include conditions that can be diagnosed alongside Autism like ADHD, Dyslexia and dyspraxia

2.     Training event- The Autism Partnership Board would like to arrange a training event where people from different sectors for example: health, social care, education, employment, housing and GP’s will be invited to tell us what Autism training they provide  and/ or receive and to discuss what training is needed for people to have an understanding of Autism. The Autism Partnership Board would like people with Autism to be involved. For example you could be a presenter, a helper or perhaps share your experiences of when it has helped accessing a service with staff who understand Autism or where things have been difficult for you because staff haven’t understood. (services or staff could be your Doctor/GP surgery, social worker, staff at hospital, teachers/school and support services)

3.     Have a voice using Facebook- We are looking at different ways people can give their opinion and provide feedback using social media so that they don’t have to miss out if they can’t attend an event or meeting. (You will need a Facebook account to do this, search Specialist Autism Services in the search bar in Facebook or www.facebook.com/sasautism)

We would like you to help us by answering the following questions: 

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