About our Bespoke Training Packages

Are you part of an organisation, business or community group that is looking to raise your team’s awareness of autism, broadly or around a specific area?

Over the past few decades we have developed a comprehensive autism training programme that not only details theory but more importantly includes methods of best practice when working with people with autism of all abilities. We’re able to provide bespoke training courses that can be tailored to suit your or your organisation’s needs. These sessions are continually reviewed in light of the latest theories and as we continue to learn from the people we support.

Some of the organisations we have previously delivered training to include Affinity Trust, The Richmond Fellowship, York St John University and Wakefield District Council. Some of the topics include diagnosis, the history of the condition, behaviours, educational support, reasonable adjustment, role-play, progression and working in the community.

Some of the topics we have covered are:

Diagnosis & History – Outlining history and background to the condition, establish current criteria and diagnosis methods in the region. Statistics, facts and figures relating to prevalence and dual diagnosis. Right up to date with the Autism Act and current National Autism Strategy.

The Spectrum – (Practical Exercises) Looking at the language based around the condition and what might be the symptoms associated with each aspect.

First Contact Protocols – Advice about working with someone who has a diagnosis of ASC for the first time. How to work more effectively with them. Continued support methods.

Behaviours – What might we expect? How can they be managed and why do they occur? Strategies for the outside world.

Educational Support – Examining and advising on current support methods for people with ASC within higher or further education. Non-lecture support and discreet support.

Reasonable Adjustment – People with ASC within the workplace, ideas around support, case histories and practical guidance.

Role Play – How we might deal as individuals or a team with presented behaviours that challenge.

Progress – Delivering changes and assessment methods for progression.

Outreach – Working with adults with ASC in the community or home environment.

Other types of training

In addition to individually tailored courses we are also able to provide autism awareness training that is hosted at our premises across Yorkshire and can be booked onto by individuals. This training programme will provide participants an overall awareness of autism, effective working practices and more. Learn more about this by clicking here.

Where do we provide Autism Awareness Training?

We provide Autism Awareness Training nationally however the service is coordinated in

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