19 October 2018
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19 October 2018,


On Thursday 18th October 2018 members from our Bradford & Leeds site went on their last chosen community participation activity for the year to Blackpool.

When we arrived everyone was in their own groups to venture out into the town to do their chosen activities.

Some members had fun in the arcades.

Followed by a walk around the town

A few members went into Madan Tussauds to hang out with the celebrities and other amazing wax statues.

After a bite to eat members decided they wanted to walk down the Pier. A big thank you to Leeds Libraries for lending us 10 Ipad’s as part of their tablet lending scheme, our members had great fun using them to take photographs and some members used them for communication aids, we were able to track how many miles that were done on the day which was approximately 6 miles. Our members were learning to develop new skills through the use of the Ipad’s. Some of the staff and members went head to head on the Dodgems which was great fun (no members was injured during this fun activity).

Here is Blackpool Tower as the sun was setting.  Just before home time a small group spent some time on the beach.

On the way back home on the coach members had fun using the new ipads to decorate each others faces

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