28 March 2017
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28 March 2017,

Autism support and services, an opportunity to have your say!

People in Bradford are working on the Autism Strategy. The Autism Strategy is a document that says how things can be changed to make things better for people with Autism who live in the Bradford area.

The Autism strategy looks at areas that people have said can be difficult for them such as getting a diagnosis, education, moving from children’s services to adult’s services, getting a job and finding a home to live in.

It is important that people with Autism and their parents and carers get a chance to explain their experiences so that Bradford can get it right.

Healthwatch are collecting the information from us and will put it in a report, this can be read by anyone. Any information you give us will not have your name on it when we send it to Healthwatch.

We have made some forms that ask you questions and we would like you to fill them in. You can do this on the computer or you can download them and print them off. You can complete as many of the different categories as you like, or pick 1 and give your feedback about one area of the strategy (please see questionnaires below).

If you need any help to do this you can telephone 01274 789789 or email: janet.bean@specialistautismservices.org

If you would like to share your stories again please make sure you write your name and address and telephone number on the form.

You can download the questionnaires by clicking on the links below:

Accessing Mainstream services





Learning Disability and Mental Health



2 responses on “Bradford Autism Strategy Feedback

  1. Rasma Butters says:

    I can not access it on my pc can you send it in pdf file

    • Liam Pedley says:

      Hi Rasma,

      Which areas would you like to provide feedback on? We will arrange to send you a PDF version of these.