7 June 2016
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7 June 2016,



To celebrate carers week (6-12th June 2016), our members wanted to show their appreciation to those that help them everyday.

Below are a list of messages to their parents and carers written by various members across our service. We will add them here as they come in:

“Hello cheeky baby Shay love from your mistress Lou Lou thanks for being kind and nice! and hello Toni the cat meow x love Louise x”

“Thanks to all those people who have helped me through my troubles over the years. Andrew”

“Thank you for your hospitality when we visited Bradford because it was scintillating and I will keep it in memory lane forever. Shane”

“Many thanks to my parents for helping me through a difficult winter, when I was ill with a severely irritated stomach for several days. It’s taken until now for my condition to become more or less stable again. John”

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“Thank you to all staff at my House
Thank you to all staff at SAS/Sacar
Thank you for helping me!


“I would like to thank my parents for letting me live in their house until I move into other accommodation. Alex”

“Thank you to the two mentors in the film forum, for supporting me for the past year. I have really enjoyed it and it is a pleasure to have in the group. I enjoyed the group in Harrogate – I will miss you all and hope to see you around in the building when I return. Thanks again. Andrew”


“Thank you to all my family for their love and support through all of my life, especially my parents and sisters.  My heart and mind will forever have a place for them no matter what.  Thank you also for everyone’s ongoing support and encouragement at Specialist Autism Services, which will too, always have a special place in my heart, even when I leave one day to pursue a career etc. Thanks to the friends I have through S.A.S. and outside the service too. George”

“Thank you Mum, Dad and family for always being there for me and for your support and guidance. It’s much appreciated.
Thank you to my support workers for all your help and support. You’re all great people. It’s a pleasure to know you all. Many thanks House 4 for being the best support workers ever. Ryan”

“Dear Mum, Dad and Rose,
Thank you so much for all your support and help. I really appreciate it. I am very grateful to you all for your fantastic support.

Dear Ruth, Bernadette and Donna,
Thank you so much for all your great support. Lily”

“To my support workers,
Thank you to my support workers for coming once a week. I need their support to help my worries about money and to talk to them about art, space and the planet Earth and trees. I like talking about art to my support workers. Thank you very much. David. XX”

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“To Mum, Dad, Lucy, Mark, thank you for everything. Love from Richard.”


“I find Dawn and Chris very supportive when it comes to day trips out.
They took me (and a few other members) to Whitby and steampunk festivals.
If it wasn’t for Dawn and Chris, I would not be able to get to these type of events because I wouldn’t know how to get them.
Thank you for all your support Dawn and Chris. You are very supportive in what you do.


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