24 July 2017
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24 July 2017,

Here are some snaps from the Child Friendly Leeds event that took place over the weekend. We were based in The corn Exchange, but there were events taking place all over the city, including a sensory garden being designed in The Light.

We were running our stall highlighting the freshly launched Autism Bricks service and along with the comic book writing\drawing classes, the gaming lawns, the soft play area and the shark, it provided a wide range of experiences.

People stopped by for a chat, wanting to know more, selecting their favourite Autism Bricks pieces, the crocodile key-rings were snapped up (sorry!) and some folk even wanted to make donations, despite the lack of a collection tin with us.

Being at these events, out in the bustling city, you get to hear all the great experiences and stories from those with autism and their families, that highlights the subject is more out in the open than ever.

Many thanks to our team, Linda, Abigail (who survived the shark attack), Anne, members HC and GS, plus guests Rob and Gavin who all chipped in.

Roll on the next one.

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