20 March 2017
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20 March 2017,

Good luck and good fortune for 2017!

For our latest project within the Leeds Cookery, Budgeting & Planning workshop, the group members decided to look at Chinese New Year. This was decided as it would help to further develop awareness and understanding of others, researching different cultures, cooking healthy traditional foods and included a nice bit of art when making Chinese decorations that symbolise Chinese new year.

You can see from the pictures that everybody got stuck in for the event. Mel, a group member said “My outstanding dragon dazzled everyone. That’s why I’m proud of it. I did fab in the ping pong and the noodle challenge. I enjoyed working independently using the internet and finding some amazing facts about both the Dragon and Chinese New Year”. Darryl fed back that “Me and Lauren even did Chinese symbols, cool right!“ and Lauren said “I enjoy working on the symbols with Darryl. I loved finding out about the symbols love, friendship and friendship.”

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