18 September 2018
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18 September 2018,
From the work our organisation has been undertaking at Quarry House in Leeds with the Department of Work and Pensions, we were connected through to Sophie Collinson, who is part of the Department of Health & Social Care’s Connecting Programme. This scheme sees staff visiting service providers to see how policy impacts on a day to day basis at ground level. Earlier in the year we’d welcomed Simon and Jenny who threw themselves into our employment programme with Wil Quick, our Project Lead and our members hugely benefited from being able to discuss some of their issues around the road to employment. 
Sophie next contacted us about Raj Kaur, Policy Manager within the DHSC and policy lead for the implementation of the autism strategy. Raj really was committed to the day, sitting in our team meeting, then on Molly’s workshop, joining us all for lunch, plus some time with members in our new sensory room. Ensuring she left her shoes outside the door. Again, this was a hugely successful visit, with staff, members and Raj gaining insight on both sides. 
All at our Leeds site would like to thank Raj and Sophie for arranging the visit and we look forward to our continuing connection to The Connecting Programme.

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