3 January 2017
3 January 2017,

We have been running our employment workshops specifically for adults with autism for a little while now. The sessions are split between group and individual work and aim to support individuals to develop social and employability skills. It means a lot to us when we have the opportunity to tell a positive story about somebody that has been or is supported by us. This is one such example, written by a current member:

“Just wanted to show my appreciation to Specialist Autism Services for their Autism Employment Workshops. I started attending them in the summer and really enjoyed them. They have been so supportive, helping me to obtain voluntary work, attending the interview and first day with me.  This has now led to paid work as bank staff – I have now finished most of the training (paid) and am now doing 3 shifts per week. I’m doing Saturday afternoon and evening which is obviously not a particularly popular shift but as I’m not into nights out this suits me fine.

My family and I are all so pleased and have to say the Employer has been brilliant, really supportive and my confidence is growing. I am still attending college doing Maths so I didn’t want full time work yet so this is perfect and just a short bus ride away. Leaving full time education is a really difficult transition and I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome.  I’m sure there will be more challenges ahead but fingers crossed I will cope.

Happy new year!”

You can find out a little more about what goes on in our autism specific employment workshops by clicking here.

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