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About our Employment Support

SAS’s employment support has increased my confidence dramatically. I no longer feel my condition is a barrier to employment. I now feel able to contribute to society in a positive way.

Specialist Autism Services’ autism-specific employment programme responds to barriers individuals on employment supportthe spectrum may face when aiming to find employment and progress towards their work-related goals. The ‘Preparation for work’ group workshops will support you to develop the necessary social skills and confidence to make steps towards getting and keeping a job. These workshops are member-led which means that you will have opportunities to decide which work-related topics and activities the group cover next.

Our highly trained staff also offer tailored 1-1 support for individuals when creating CV’s and cover letters, practising interview techniques, completing application forms and identifying available job roles (both paid and voluntary), work placements and further training.

Other areas of employment related support that we can offer you are:

• Helping you find supported work opportunities
• Travel training
• Development of IT skills
• Benefits advice
• Visits to different companies to learn more about employment
• Information and guidance for individuals already in employment to ensure ‘reasonable adjustments’ are put in place
• Autism awareness training and provision of advice and guidance for potential employers
• Support to access education or training

We will meet with you regularly while you work towards training, education or employment so that we can listen to your feedback and make any adjustments required to your support.

Where do we provide Employment Support?

We currently provide Employment Support in Leeds, York and

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