Employment Support

The employment programmes respond to barriers individuals may face when aiming to find employment

"Specialist Autism Services employment support has increased my confidence dramatically. I no longer feel my condition is a barrier to employment. I now feel able to contribute to society in a positive way."

1 %

of adults with autism in the UK are in full-time paid work.

1 %

of adults with autism receive employment support.

1 %

of adults with autism say they would like to receive employment support

None of the above statistics are inevitable and we believe it is our key responsibility to improve these. This is especially important when you consider the range of skills and talents that individuals with autism have to offer an employer – they may have fantastic attention to detail, be very reliable and punctual, effective at sticking to deadlines and timetables and be very honest and hard-working.

Empowering individuals

At Specialist Autism Services we understand the barriers individuals on the autism spectrum face when looking for and maintaining suitable employment.

We have developed a range of tried and tested programmes of support to address these barriers to employment, and empower individuals to make progress towards their work related goals.

Our work is member-led, person-centred and takes individuals strengths and abilities, as well as specific support needs into account.

We also work with employers directly and welcome interest and contact from local employers needing advice and support to fine tune their recruitment and working practises to be more inclusive and ‘autism friendly’.

Inspiring Employment

A workshop tailored towards employment

Our highly trained and approachable staff provide regular employment focused workshops for adults with autism. During these safe and friendly workshops, members have the opportunity to learn and practise new social and practical skills advantageous for employment.

Our employment focused workshops are member-led, which means workshop members decide from a range of employment related topics and activities what the group engage with in order to meet shared learning and development needs.

Workshops are delivered at a pace and with resources that suit each individuals needs. Members attending workshops are not expected or pressured into contributing any more than they are comfortable with.

Work Orientation Visits

Our employment focused workshops regularly engage with their local communities and attend supported Work Orientation Visits with local employers. 

From this individuals develop insight into a range of local working environments and develop confidence communicating with employers. 

Highly trained staff

Our Employment Officers are experienced in providing autism specific tailored 1:1 support for individuals progressing towards employment. This support differs from person to person, but can be utilised to identify personal strengths and skills, explore careers aspirations, develop job search skills, identify appropriate job roles available, liaise with employers, create good quality CVs and Cover Letters, practise interview skills, complete application forms, and attend interviews.

Tailored support

We will meet with individuals regularly while working towards training, education, or employment so that we can listen to feedback and make any adjustments required to the support provided.

Our Enterprises

In line with our strategic aims, we are committed to developing projects across Yorkshire that provide meaningful employment experience for adults with autism, alongside our direct support provision.

 We have launched a number of social enterprise initiatives that do just that.

Additional support

More help related to employment

We offer a range of additional support related to employment:

Our employment focused workshops regularly engage with their local communities and attend supported Work Orientation Visits with local employers in order to develop insight into a range of local working environments and develop confidence communicating with employers. 

Before people join our employment workshops or move forward to work or volunteering, we can help people get used to the journey they need to take so they can travel with confidence.

We can help workshop members develop basic IT skills such as creating Word documents, sending emails, and effective and safe use of the internet.

We can help workshop members calculate how taking work will affect them financially.

We arrange visits for workshop members to different companies in a range of employment sectors.

For individuals with autism who are in employment and require support to maintain their roles successfully, our knowledgeable staff can offer a number of support options depending on the situation.

See our other employment services

We offer a range of employment related services across Yorkshire. Click the links below to find out more:

The Employment Hub

The Employment Hub features autism support and workshops run by our employment team in the Bradford and Leeds district. This is done in a variety of ways including Zoom, e-mail and phone.

The Calderdale Employment Programme

The Calderdale Employment Programme helps adults with autism to work towards employment. Members of the employment programme can take part in activities that focus on gaining and maintaining employment, and how autism may affect this.

Need more information?

Our employment support is currently delivered at our Bradford site and at our Halifax Employment workshop.