21 March 2017
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21 March 2017,

Keep on running!

On Sunday 19 March 2017 I ran a city centre road race through the heart of Bradford-for  ‘Epilepsy Action’’. Despite getting very wet in the rain and sunburnt at the same time, I loved it! I felt a huge sense of achievement when crossing the finish line.

“Out of every 100 people with a learning disability, around 22 of them also have epilepsy. This means epilepsy affects about one in five people with a learning disability. The more severe the learning disability the higher the possibility that the person will also have epilepsy”.

I decided to run for ‘Epilepsy Action’ because epilepsy impacts on many people’s lives and it is important to have a charity that raises awareness about this condition.

Learn more here.

Abigail, Specialist Autism Services Facilitator.

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