27 September 2018
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27 September 2018,
Andy Burns, 26. I was diagnosed with autism over 20 years ago. I create YouTube video to raise awareness of autism & try to help others like me but also educate those who don’t know  about autism what it’s like based in my experience s. My other hobbies include playing in a rock band, spending time with my amazing fiancé Nicola and going for walks… I do love a good walk… And listening to music while walking…. That to me is bliss!
Instagram: @indieandyuk
Being autistic and growing up with the idea that I am different has been challenging but it is all that I know. I only know how to be me and how I react to an ever changing world. So when I started talking about my autism on my YouTube channel “IndieAndy”. It’s been a great way for me to open up about my struggles but also showing people that anything is possible.
Since I started making autism videos, I’ve really come to understand that raising awareness is important. Not only does it allow for my fellow autistics to come together, share their thoughts and to help them with problems they are having. But it’s a way for people not on the spectrum or “neurotypicals” to better understand autism but also the autistic people themselves. Also raising awareness on the different aspects has helped parents of autistic people. It’s helped them to understand their child’s autism and the way they act or think.
By talking about autism openly, honestly while being factual. It’s the best way to make people see into a world that they don’t know. To understand the struggles but also to break the stigma and the myths surrounding this very misunderstood condition. It’s important to keep talking about autism and just to make the world a better place one video at a time.

Thank you so much for your Guest blog.

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