8 September 2016
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8 September 2016,


Our Independent Living Workshop in Bradford have been recently working on a personal hygiene project.

poster-wordingThe members of the Independent Living workshop decided to base the project around personal hygiene, as part of a range of topics they chose to cover throughout 2016. They chose this as a group to raise awareness of what products could be used for certain aspects of personal hygiene. The poster they have designed is a clear, picture based design that will make it easier for other members to recognize which products can be purchased and used in completing personal care. The members felt it was important to show various products that are suitable for; hair, face, body, feet and teeth.

The members of the workshop felt they have discovered many products they weren’t aware of. The members brought in empty packets, cut outs and examples of products to add to the poster. All of the members enjoyed designing the poster and creating the visual aid for other members.


Some of the members said:

  • ‘Expensive isn’t always better, own brands are available at a lower cost and do the same thing.’ Kirk
  • ‘There are many products for the same job, I base my choices on value and suitability.’ Joe B
  • ‘There appears to be too much choice for what seems to be the same product, this makes choosing a product difficult’ Alex P

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