16 October 2018
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16 October 2018,

Intensive Interaction is an approach used by individuals as a form of communication.

Intensive interaction is designed to allow individuals to be with others, enjoy themselves, interact and communicate.

Intensive Interaction is based on the fundamentals of communication which include;

The use of eye contact, facial expressions, vocalisations, turn taking and conversation.

Intensive Interaction comes in many different forms and includes various things such as;

Mirroring someone’s body movements, repeating vocalisations, exchanging touch e.g. clapping, mirroring and exchanging facial expressions, maintaining eye contact, making rhythms and taking turns with each other.

At Autism First, our site in Shipley, a lot of our members communicate through the use of intensive interaction and it is something as an organisation, we find very important and valuable for our members.

In celebration of Intensive Interaction week we wanted to share some of our member’s forms of intensive interaction and demonstrate to others the importance of the approach!

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