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Specialist Autism Services is a Community Interest Company with 13 years experience of working for and with adults on the Autism Spectrum.  We have been operating in Kirklees since June 2009 (previously at the Huddersfield Mission) and have recently received funding through Kirklees Council with which to deliver an ASC Specific Learning Programme centred around essential social skills training.

Our person centred provision examines closely the impact of Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs) upon the individual and devises strategies with them, providing the opportunity to engage with employment, education or independent living.

Our Autism specific approach is highly successful and it has made a real difference to the lives of those attending our service.  Our Kirklees members have reflected on the service they have received and provided the following feedback:

“SAS have helped me get together with other people on the spectrum”.

“I have gained greater confidence socially and have got a job”.

“I have a better understanding of my condition”.

“I have become more independent”.

“I have made friends and I am less isolated”.

It is our intention to further develop the services we offer in Huddersfield. Our aim is to establish a robust ASC specific service that mirrors our other provisions across the Yorkshire Region extending our range of services including ASC Specific Learning programme, Outreach Support, our Employment Programme and ASC Awareness Training.

We aim to do this by:

  • Involving those with ASC throughout the service development process
  • Maintaining an empowering culture in an autism friendly environment
  • Enabling progression through an Autism specific approach
  • Being creative and imaginative in service delivery
  • Recruiting, training and retaining a skilled and experienced multi -disciplinary staff team
  • Placing service excellence above all other considerations
  • Recognising, respecting and promoting the rights of adults with an ASC
  • Increasing awareness of ASC throughout the community.

Where to find Specialist Autism Services in Kirklees:

102, Fenay Bridge Road
Fenay Bridge

Tel No. 0113 2775656


Our referral process:

We have a formal referral process and all new referrals must complete a referral form, which should be completed by a health care professional such as, social worker, mental health worker or GP or where this is not possible we may on occasion consider self referrals. As a specialist service provider we can only accept referrals of adults with a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Condition.

If you would like to find out more about our service, arrange a visit or make a referral, please contact: Linda Langstaff or Ann Maclennan at Specialist Autism Services on 0113 2775656, alternatively e-mail linda.langstaff@specialistautismservices.org