20 March 2017
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20 March 2017,

Recently the Community Engagement & Employability workshop in Leeds visited the Riversmeet cafe in Methley. We had a lovely lunch, enjoying that the staff there were polite and friendly. We are really hoping to work with them in the future.

Our current workshop project is about focusing on making connections in the local community. The group members identified this cafe as it is independent and felt that they can make more of a difference by offering micro volunteering during the workshop hours. We are hoping to make solid links and help by offering our time to contribute towards helping businesses, charities and any other worthy causes. This will help our members to develop their skill base towards future employment, giving them unique group experiences as well as building and developing their social skills in the public domain. Our main focus is raising awareness of the employability of people on the spectrum, what they can offer as well as contributing and engaging in our community. We are going to make contact with Arla to get a guided tour of their diary so our members can see how it functions and what types of jobs are available. We are also going to make contact with Radio Aire for the same experience in a different place of employment.

Are you or your organisation in a position to offer work experience opportunities to the individuals that we support? Get in touch!

You can learn more about our social skills learning programme by clicking here.

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