20 April 2017
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20 April 2017,

Over the last 3 months members from Specialist Autism Services have been participating in a 12 week creative writing workshop, where during the final class the members each had the chance to showcase one of the stories they had produced. Here is a short video clip of the final class:

James Nash

“I’ve been coming to get keen writers a little bit more experience of writing different genres, including poetry, stories & journalism to increase their capacity as creative writers.

I have found that bringing in objects has helped in able to create opportunities on how to write a good story or a rhyming poem or interview someone to write a journalism story.”

Here are a few interviews and copies of some the members work:

Lily – 

“I wrote my story from a child’s point of view of living through WW2 as my Granddad used to tell me stories which inspired me to write this.”

Second World War 1939 – by Lily

I am in a huge room with high ceilings and huge wall panels. It feels huge because I am only a very young child. There are massive windows, tall doors and lots of decorative lights. All these things tower above me I feel very small and scared in this room. All I can hear outside is gun fire, lots of loud bangs and I can see lots of gunpowder smoke all around the house. I am looking outside and wondering if I will ever be aloud out to see my friends again. The music of Vera Lyn is playing on the record player on the table in the corner of the room very softly. The next thing I heard was a loud bang right outside my bedroom window. It was a huge bomb that was thrown by the German army. The bomb destroyed the beautiful green grass and beech trees. The next thing I knew there was a lot of shouting and gun fire. All I could hear was loud bangs and loud voices for the next 8 hours. The next thing I knew the German army grabbed me and took me prisoner. They put me in a very dark and cold room in the cellar. It was scary!

The Germans grabbed me and I screamed loudly…

Ryan – 

“My story was influenced by The Who – They were Mods and it really interested me to write about that time in the 60’s.”

Tommy – by Ryan

Brighton Beach, 1965.

I am on Brighton beach with the mods and rockers. I am amongst all the brawling. Fists are flying everywhere talking about my generation.

The police have arrived, sirens are blaring out. They’re making their way to the beach. I am still amongst the carnage. The mods and rockers are fighting relentlessly. I’m not being noticed. I’m invisible to them and that’s how it’ll stay!

The police are on the beach now trying to segregate the mods and rockers. The police are striking them with their truncheons so they’ll retreat. The mods are getting back on their scooters and the rockers are getting back on their motorcycles.

Everything is in slow motion around me. There’s a guy called Tommy who’s still on the beach and is not backing off. He is tall, around 6ft 2 inches tall. Tommy is well built and is making his presence known. He is wearing a parker jacket, dark blue denim trousers and big walking boots.

Tommy is drawing something out of his jacket, what is it? It’s a gun. I’ll call him Tommy Gun. 1, 2, 3 there’s a bang. Everything slows down.

There’s ringing in my ears. I shout “No!” In a muffled voice. I feel blood dripping on the sand. It’s on my shoulder. The police have got hold of Tommy Gun. The handcuffs are on him, will there be help?

Talking about my Generation.

“My favorite Who song is My Generation”

William – 

“I created a story called Jack Wrestle which is based from mixing a Jack Russel and the word Russel as it nearly rhymes with Wrestle and made a fictional character. I would love to be an author one day.”

Greggor – 

“My story came to me when I saw this image of a face that had scars on it and I wanted to write something that was quiet chilling. I would rate the workshop 10/10. It’s boosted my confidence reading out in front of people, I found it difficult, I used a few techniques to help relive my anxiety a bit but it was still difficult. I took a pause at the beginning to try calm my nerves to look at the work and get myself ready. When I was looking up I would look at the audience but I would mostly look at a spot fixed on the wall that I would look at if my nerves built up.”

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