8 August 2016
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8 August 2016,

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Last week our Friday Leeds workshops completed a sponsored walk around Roundhay Park. One of our members had the idea to complete the walk to raise funds for outdoor activities and equipment and to keep fit. The groups also took along some leaflets and spoke to people at the park to raise awareness of autism within the community.

The group members spoke about the sponsored walk afterwards:autism group walking

One member said “I enjoyed seeing the ducks and swans in the lake and I enjoyed spending time with another member. I also
liked seeing the squirrels because it was cute!”.

Another said “I enjoyed the sponsored walk because I like to take photos of the lake and talking to other people. The social skills I used were communication when chatting to people as well as working as part of a team.”

autism group standingAnother comment was “The walk was enjoyable and relaxing. It was nice to be outside and travelling there on the bus helped improve my independence and made me feel more confident.”

Lastly, one member said “Okay, so let’s recap – I liked the sponsored walk because I hung out with friends both old and new. The social skills were conversations and banter in that order. Oh and I hated the mud, mud sucks!”.


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