15 August 2018
Category Member projects
15 August 2018,

Leed’s Thursday CCC workshop (Confidence, Communication and Creativity).

Took a visit to Geek Retreat. It’s a comic book store, cafe and events hub in Leeds. They have lots of games – board games and video games. The staff were really helpful, showing us the games they had.


The consoles were popular too – most of the members joined in a four-way game of Mario Kart. Members were able to play games they particularly enjoy – that’s Matthew holding up the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in one of the pictures and there is John playing scrabble in another.

The members found the venue to be autism friendly. The staff were helpful and we were offered the option of using our own room if we needed some quiet space.

We’re told the ice cream deserts were pretty good too 😊

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