4 October 2018
4 October 2018,

Thank you to GS who sent us this story about his recent visit to Autism First:

On a spare day I had at the end of the week, I pulled out all the stops to make a visit to a coffee morning (with cakes, I might add, and tea was available too,) at the Shipley (Bradford) site of Specialist Autism Services, which is also known as Autism First. It was the first time I had the opportunity to go along to the building during service hours. (I had only been during a couple of events on a weekend a few years ago previously.) Once I got to Shipley via train, and a short uphill walk, I familiarised myself again entering the premises and trying to choose a cake from the cake stall etc, before I was met by Naomi a former Leeds staff member, who now works as a service coordinator there, who gave me a tour round, introduced me to the wonderful staff and Members, and showed me the new sensory room, which Autism first now has 2. A group that went on a walk after lunch even walked me back to the train station!

It was such a miraculous experience, and It is so inspiring, moving, and, Prehaps, emotional, in a joyful way, to see the many hours that staff commit to every week to work with members on the Autistic spectrum with Additional support needs, and the reception and how welcoming and understanding staff were. It very much reminded me of my very first day at S.A.S Leeds four and a half years ago, as I was introduced to people in the same way and it really boosted my confidence in a way I once didn’t think was possible when meeting new people. Staff say to me very often I should be proud of myself, and I say the entire staff team across the service should be proud of themselves for all the fantastic job roles they do 5 days a Week.

A big thank you to N.G. and all of the Autism First staff team for Making my Visit so incredible. I hope to get another chance to visit the site again soon.

We’re grateful to everyone who donated and were proud to say we raised an amazing £139.40 for Macmillan!

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