7 July 2016
7 July 2016,


JM, a Leeds member that attends a few of our Leeds daily social skills workshops, wanted to showcase her latest piece of artwork – we are glad she did as we think it is simply amazing. This dinosaur sculpture was completed as part of a 3D project the Creative Arts group decided to do.


This is JM’s 2nd attempt at working in ceramics and this time she wanted to work on a bigger scale so that she could add a lot more detail. The model includes the use of plastic eyes and various other materials such as Milliputt.

The sculpture took around 2 months to complete and JM started by researching artists that have used this effect in order to create an element of realism. A small supported access trip to the market was organised in the workshop to purchase materials and this enabled JM to feel confident to do this on her own next time. Once the materials were bought JM then created sketches to work out the physical dimensions.

DSC_0073JM felt that during the early stages of sculpting the shaping took time and she did not feel as in control. However once the shape took hold and firmed up so that there were only external details to add, she felt a lot more confident as it was easier to visualise the finished result.

Whiskers were added which were not on the original design, as JM considered close ups of modern birds which Raptors were related to. JM had used paint in the past but, with support, built upon this skill in order to create a life like effect with shading. This was evaluated as she went along. The colours were chosen from studying birds but JM came up with her own combination in order to make the Raptor unique.

JM is proud of the finished product (as she should be!), but also with the skills she has developed along the way. Unexpected accidental placements of paint were quickly dealt with and the sculpture was altered to add further detail to the feathers.

DSC_0068JM has developed the confidence to use Miliputt and Poxiputty at home, in order to create detailed models that she hopes to eventually go on to sell as part of her self-employment.

Well done JM!


One response on “Member Spotlight: JM

  1. Peter Keary says:

    Unbelievable! Fantastic modelling and great texture.
    Well done JM! Keep it up.

    Peter K