10 June 2016
10 June 2016,


Member Spotlight Vol 1

One of our Bradford members, MR, wished to tell you all a little bit about himself and also  about some of the things he enjoys about coming to our daily and evening workshops.

My favourite workshops are:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Social skills evening

What I like to do in workshops:

Art and crafts:

  • Sticking pictures of staff’s heads on rugby and football players’ bodies!
  • Researching on the internet
  • Talking about sport and games
  • Making people laugh, making sure people are OK
  • Chatting to the other members and my friends
  • Coming back to SAS has been making me feel more confident & I have been staying in workshops longer than I used to
  • Talking to staff if I’m upset or worried
Social skills evening:

  • Seeing different staff from Bradford, Leeds and Autism First
  • I like going out at 5pm with a staff member for food and a walk
  • Going to restaurants and having food out
  • Making friends with people once I am used to them, even though I get nervous at first


My hobbies:

  • Games – playing Forza Motorsports 6 or Nascar on Xbox 1
  • Watching football and rugby live or on the TV
  • Visiting football and rugby grounds/stadiums
  • Watching F1 and snooker on the TV

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