24 July 2018
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24 July 2018,

On 23rd July 2018, Bradford and Leeds members of SAS went on a day outing to York.  The coach firstly stopped outside the Bradford branch of SAS to pick up the Bradford members and then stopped at the Leeds site to pick up Leeds members. There were several options for each member to do in York, and when the coach finally arrived there each member was split into their chosen group.


The possible options included:

Jorvik Viking Centre, ( If you are thinking of going to the Jorvik centre be sure to check out how they can accommodate for people with autism https://www.jorvikvikingcentre.co.uk/visit/access/#autism


Adam said ” I really liked the Jorvik centre and taking photos.”


Boat Trip down the Rive Ouse,


Shopping and eating Ice Cream,

    Alex said “The day at York was nicely cool!”

The Railway Museum,


George said ” I really enjoyed spending lots of time in York apart from the heat”

and most importantly – Lunch!

It was nice to meet up with the York members with some of whom went into a shop called the “Musicroom” and played on the piano:





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