2 May 2018
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2 May 2018,

Moving Towards Work!

Emma, Suleman, Richard and Jack – Four members in Bradford on our new employment programme.

Also running weekly at our Leeds site – funded by our partners at the DWP – the Moving Towards Work scheme works with individuals at their pace to decide what their aims are and what steps they need to take to help move towards employment or voluntary opportunities. Topics could include anything from social skills development workshops to the creation of a CV and interview skills.

For more details, please call John Bedford on 07434 708 837 or e-mail john.bedford@specialistautismservices.org

3 responses on “Moving towards work

  1. Rasma Butters says:

    what about my son why are you not helping him Janet Bean and Lucy my son phones you both up and you ignore him is it because its for your the members you like best and ones you not get on with you just remove or push out what about you helping him I have tried and tried to contact care trust no ones ever there I think you just bully people out that you lot like and week ones you chuck out he begin left to rot buy care trust and you

  2. Rasma Butters says:

    my son Is rotting I can not wait another 6 months for care trust to have a team meeting this is not fair he needs help now

  3. Rasma Butters says:

    why is it taking so long its 4 and harf years

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