22 March 2018
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22 March 2018,

“Over the past few years, working with our on site contact, Robin Dark, we have developed¬† working relationship with the National Science & Media Museum. Robin and the team are determined to make this hugely popular community resource to be more inclusive and one aspect they have wanted to expand upon is catering to both children and adults with autism.

Previously, we have delivered autism awareness sessions, utilising our members’ feedback about how they have found the museum and what they have experienced. This has led to invites to opening of new exhibitions and working with those artists to create a more autism friendly experience.

This session, working with those from marketing, education, customer facing, plus the team behind the Computer Gaming festival and the Widescreen Weekend, was devised to seek more effective ways of encouraging an autistic audience to use this massively impressive museum.

With further plans to increase autism friendly screenings and interactive events, watch this space for the next developments.”

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