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About our Community Outreach Support

Looking back now, I can honestly say I don’t know how I managed before my SAS autism outreach support


Specialist Autism Services’ community autism outreach service provides a personalised support package that enables an individual to seek new experiences and work towards their personal goals. We aim to provide opportunities for you to increase confidence, develop social skills, make friends, live more independently and ultimately build upon and strengthen your existing skills to allow you to maximise your potential.

To do this we utilise some of our most experienced members of staff that, through regular specialist training, have a great working knowledge of supporting people with autism. This dedicated staff member will work with youautismsupportcommunity to build a package of support based on your needs and abilities in an autism-specific way. They will work with you at home or in the community, depending on your goals, wishes and where you feel most comfortable. We feel it is really important for you to have choice and control over the support you receive so that you can live a healthy life the way that you choose.

Everybody benefits from different kinds of support. Some of the things we help people with are being healthy and keeping safe, managing money, socialising (this might be helping you be less isolated or supporting you to understand social situations), education, employment, coping with change and household tasks. Over time we aim to support you to reduce anxieties and remove any obstacles so that you can become more independent, be more included in the community and ultimately access more of life’s opportunities.

Where do we provide Community Outreach Support?

We currently provide Community Outreach Support within areas across Yorkshire however the service is coordinated from our head office in

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