17 October 2017
17 October 2017,

Gutters, Spares and Strikes!

On Monday 11th September 2017 the Community Engagement & Employability workshop decided to celebrate the end of our stress & anxieties project with a relaxing game of bowling to Hollywood bowl at Cardigan Fields.

Everyone had a good time, cheering each other on with good sportsmanship all round!

The whole group had one game & then two of the members went on for a head to head for the last game.

“Fun, not busy. First game was just a warmup!” – R.D.

“Good, I almost won” – D.B

“It was good, did alright at the beginning then midway through it all started going wrong, but I enjoyed it!” – G.D.

Everyone would like to say thank you to all the staff team at Hollywood bowl for being friendly & helpful.



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