2 March 2018
2 March 2018,

Alex has been on our Exploring Employment programme since October 2017, attending the group sessions and one-on-one sessions, which helped Alex decide how employment is to be viewed, what is his ideal employment, and how to make use of contacts. It’s Alex’s hope to enter self-employment as a proofreader and copy editor and improve how he markets his business, and he has been getting support to help him achieve these goals.

Writing science fiction and fantasy stories based on autism since 2010, Alex has experience self-publishing his own novels 2012–2016, which taught him editing skills that he uses to help authors and writers prepare to publish. He has published four novels so far, and would like to publish more in the future.

Here are a few photos of Alex and his books, along with a link to his books on amazon.



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  1. Rasma Butters says:

    look can you tell Lucy this if I gave you a bout £200 pounds to let my son go into social group Thursday Evenings £100 pounds for Specialist Autism Services and £100 pounds for Lucy to put in her back pocket would this be ok please let me know in email hope you will take up this offer thank you

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