16 March 2018
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16 March 2018,

Jenny started at Pyramid of Arts a year ago after being introduced by SAS Manager, Steven. Jenny has always had an interest in art, especially illustration but after staff in the SAS Art Workshop, encouraged her to experiment with clay, she realised she had a talent for modelling and wanted to explore this further. Today Jenny’s models are made from polyurethane resin poured into Silicon moulds. The master models are made from polymer clay, with aluminium armatures and bulked out with foil.

Jenny found support from Sarah Binless, from Pyramid of Arts very helpful in giving her guidance on how to research methods for casting and making the initial molds in which Jenny could use. Jenny also got support on how to organize her workload so she didn’t get overwhelmed by the tasks ahead. Jenny struggled at first trying new materials but gained confidence by seeing someone else do the steps first. Jenny can now design her own unique molds which she creates from her own illustrations.

Jenny has now created numerous models based on extinct creatures and as she has gained in confidence here models have become more complex. Some, such as the Mountain Dragon have been made from multiple parts which have to be casted separately. Jenny enjoys making models of mythological creatures as well as prehistoric and makes commissioned models to demand.

Jenny Maher’s work will feature in the upcoming exhibit at Swarthmore as part of Pyramid of Arts group exhibition:

Monday 26th February until Friday 23rd March

This exhibit is open to the public and is in their café area. For quieter times please go between the hours of 1-3pm.

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