Social enterprise

In line with our strategic aims, Specialist Autism Services is committed to developing projects across Yorkshire that provide meaningful employment experience for adults with autism, alongside our direct support provision. During 2016 we are excited to be supporting the launch of a number of social enterprise initiatives that will do just that. This means that we can provide meaningful opportunities for adults with autism to gain employment skills and work experience. Any money that we raise will be reinvested in these projects or used to directly fund much needed autism-specific support in other areas.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a not for profit organisation that benefits society. They make money from selling goods and services but they reinvest their profits back into the business or local community – so when they profit, society profits.

Why develop social enterprise projects?

Never had a job stat

None of the above statistics are inevitable and we see it as our key responsibility to make them a part of history. This is especially important when you consider the range of skills and talents that individuals with autism have to offer an employer – they may have fantastic attention to detail, be very reliable and punctual, effective at sticking to deadlines and timetables and be very honest and hard-working.

Our social enterprise projects provide individuals the opportunity of meaningful work experience, alongside the development of key independent and social skills.

Our current social enterprises

You can learn more about the social enterprises that Specialist Autism Services is currently supporting by clicking on the links below.

Autism Bricks UK

Autism Bricks UK recycles old LEGO bricks and restores them to their former glory so that people can continue to enjoy them. You can learn more about the work that we are doing by clicking the button below:

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Autism Gifts UK

Autism Gifts UK is an online store selling a fantastic range of gifts and other items. You can learn more about the work that we are doing by clicking the button below:

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