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What are Social Skills? A social skill is any skill that helps us to communicate with other people.

Alongside daily Social Skills Workshops, Specialist Autism Services also provides a weekly Social Skills Evening to provide opportunities for individuals with autism, including those that cannot otherwise access daytime support.

Our Social Skills evening currently takes place every Thursday, 5 – 8pm, and is a fun and supportive way to develop and practice social skills and make friends. The evenings follow a 3-monthly social skills programme based on the topics raised by members of the group, and sessions alternate between in-house sessions and events in the community.SAS Social skills evening support

The in-house sessions (held at our premises) provide you with the opportunity to learn and develop different social skills. Some of the topics we have covered in the past include confidence-building, friendship, dealing with anger and anxiety, working as part of a team and emotions. Every other week the group then enjoy social outings in the community where they can practice the skills learnt in previous weeks. Some of the outings the groups go on are bowling, meals out and karaoke, but again this depends on where the group decides and plans to go. Throughout the programme you will learn about different social skills and also increase your independence, practice travelling to places, learn how to plan different things and build your confidence. These are all important skills that will help you in all aspects of your life.

We will meet with you regularly while you attend our social skills evening so that we can listen to your feedback, make any adjustments to your support and help you progress on to new opportunities where possible.

Where do we deliver the Social Skills Evening?

We deliver our Social Skills Evening in Bradford, every Thursday (17:00-20:00).contact-us-button

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