6 September 2017
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6 September 2017,

Members from our social skills multimedia workshop are excited to tell you all about their latest project, so we will hand you over to them:

Hi, we are the multimedia workshop. We have been working on a pilot episode for a TV show called “Tales of an Interesting Nature”. Following the success of our “Xenosaur” trailer we wanted to create a longer piece of footage. We decided to write a script for “Slaughter on a Train”, this was meant to be part of a series of 6 scripts inspired by Sci-fi, Horror and comedy. This series will have reoccurring characters and themes throughout and each episode will be introduced by a narrator.

We wanted to incorporate all our interests: Monsters, trains, Action Heroes.

We enjoyed the building of sets and props. It was a good chance to develop the filming skills we gained such as camera work, lighting, special effects, sound effects and editing. You will see from the behind the scenes footage how much teamwork it took to do the puppeteering.

And also this pilot will be part of the SAS Fictional Universe.

Reviews from the group about the finished film:

-“Better than I thought it would be. I was impressed by the editing. The acting was humorous, not boring.”

-“It was fun, I could handle my image being on the big screen as it was only for 5 seconds.”


-“I handled being the intro guy and seeing myself die several times on screen. I enjoyed seeing the werewolf holding a cassette in my walkman in the post-credit sequence.”

-“The film was good. It was my first time acting in one.”

You can find out more about our social skills workshops by clicking here

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