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About our Social Skills Learning Programme

For the first time in my life I have made what I would consider to be real friends


What are social skills? A social skill is any skill that helps somebody communicate with others.

Specialist Autism Services runs a structured programme of daily social skills workshops to provide opportunities for individuals to develop social skills in a non-pressured and engaging environment. Through an autism-specific learning programme you will be supported by highly trained staff to build confidence, increase your independence, make friends and develop practical skills, whilst also having fun. All of these skills are useful and important for when you may want to work Socialskillsgrouptowards employment in the future. Over the years we have also noticed that participants often benefit from spending time with their peers and supporting each other.

We currently offer a wide variety of different workshop topics, such as creative arts, drama, money management and independent living. Although the subjects are very different, the workshops are all similar in that you will be supported in the way that you prefer, to progress towards your personal goals so that you can live a healthy life in the way that you choose.

All of our workshops are ‘member-led’ which means that you will have opportunities to decide what topics and activities the group do next. The groups like to go out into the community regularly so you will also be able to gain new experiences, become more comfortable travelling independently and practice using your skills in different places.

We will meet with you regularly while you attend our social skills workshops so that we can listen to your feedback, make any adjustments to your support and help you progress on to new opportunities where possible.

Our workshops run 52 weeks of the year, 5 days a week.

Where do we deliver the Social Skills Learning Programme?

We currently deliver our Social Skills Learning Programme in Leeds, Bradford and

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