8 October 2018
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8 October 2018,

Graphic novels and comic books have moved on hugely since the days of The Beezer and Roy of The Rovers. As well as been truly international they can be used to tell stories from different cultures and personalising peoples’ unique experiences. Each year Leeds hosts Thought Bubble, the UK’s largest celebration of this art form. Having worked in partnership with the Thought Bubble team for the past 5 years our organisation and members have striven to make this event more autism friendly and aware.

As well as providing quiet spaces including Bub’s Lounge it’s also an opportunity for hugely creative minds to have their work put on display. We would like to thank Guy Morgan for putting together this short documentary about the importance creativity can have in the lives of many people with autism.

Thank you also to Martha, Bis and Anna and all the Thought Bubble team for providing us this opportunity.

Enjoy the film and let us now what you think ( No super villains we’re hurt in the making of this film)

On the day we were lucky to receive a bio from one of the artists displaying her work:

Rebecca is a freelance illustrator whose professional work includes credits in The Guardian and The Beano. Outside of drawing comics, she likes to play video games, geek out over Lord of the Rings and Springwatch, and cuddle her girlfriend.

You can find out more about her work at:

And her tapas page where all her current comics can be read for free:

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