Staff training and development

We are nothing without our staff team.

Specialist Autism Services is committed to providing quality training in Autism Spectrum Conditions to all of our staff team.  Our extensive experience of working with this client group over the past 17 years has provided us with the opportunity to develop a unique training programme which is delivered to everyone working within the organisation.

We are proud that the ethos, values and beliefs of our organisation have contributed to our high staff retention rate. Our staff team have demonstrated a commitment to continually expand their knowledge of ASCs which enables them to develop personalised support strategies to promote the progression of the individuals we are working with.


Our intensive induction programme is delivered over a 12 week period. During this time we provide new staff with the information and resources they require to perform their role efficiently and effectively. We support them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their role within the organisation and to gain awareness of our policies and values.  We provide a full programme of induction training around autism which includes theory, working practices, areas of impairment (social interaction, communication and rigidity of thought), sensory differences, mental health and different communication methods.  This theory is then related to working practice and The Care Certificate.

ASC Staff Training Programme

The induction process is then followed by an ongoing staff training programme throughout the year which combines the relevant mandatory training with learning disability and mental health training, alongside an extensive range of autism specific topics/areas such as social skills training, communication and sensory issues, planning and delivering workshops, dealing with challenging behaviour, current legislation, effective one-one strategies for individuals with an ASC, team building and leadership and management.

Informal training/mentoring/shared experiences

In addition to the more formal training that we offer, Specialist Autism Services promotes good team communication through our daily team meetings. These provide us not only with an opportunity to share information about the individuals we are working with, but also to share our experience and discuss strategies which we have adopted or may wish to adopt to support a particular individual.  These meetings involve staff from all levels of the organisation ranging from volunteers to Directors.  This has also enabled our Management Team to identify areas of training our staff team themselves feel they would benefit from.

Continued Personal Development

Ongoing personal development is a key factor to ensuring our staff team have the support and opportunity for development which they require. Our aim is to provide staff with the relevant and inspirational learning experiences to focus their development in line with their aspirations and potential. A variety of distance learning courses are available to our team and through CPD led reviews we can provide or source additional training where possible

Specialist Autism Services heavily invests both time and money in our staff team as we believe that in order to provide a quality service to our client group it is essential that we employ highly skilled people.

If you would like to find out more about our staff training programme, please contact us.