7 August 2017
Category Member projects
7 August 2017,

On the 17.7.17 the Community Engagement and Employability workshop in Leeds embarked on a journey to Temple Newsam to do a swearing session as part of the ‘stress and anxiety’ project. The aim of the exercise was to try and alleviate stress, anger and emotional tension by shouting out profanities.

The idea was a discovery made by the members whilst researching ways of relieving oneself of stress – that swearing can make feel better when feeling distressed. We did however carefully discuss where would be an appropriate time and place to use this particular coping strategy!

We chose to go to a secluded, wooded area at the south of Temple Newsam as to be out of earshot of any potentially unfortunate passers-by. Although we struggled at first, using particular celebrities as subjects to verbally abuse soon had all involved shooting their mouths off to an almost poetic level. Some members have now found a new coping strategy that they can use in private, out of earshot of other people!

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