21 March 2017
Category Member projects
21 March 2017,

Who doesn’t love a good poem? One of our members has written this lovely piece with support from one of our skills mentors. We hope you enjoy it!

The cafe was all open, we had been really quick,

Because the first guest we invited was lovely Queen Vic!

It got to half past ten, and she still had not been,

And when it passed eleven she was still no where to be seen!

We were all quite happy though, the cafe had been full,

As everyone love Jessica and the cafe’s never dull!

But we were a little worried, Victoria’s never late,

Had she got stuck in the powder room, what was poor Vic’s fate?

Perhaps her car had broken, or she’d nipped out to the shop,

If she’d gone to another cafe we really would play pop!

We got on with our day, did some painting and had some lunch,

But where was Queen Victoria, Jessica had a hunch!

The time did get to half past two, and she walked through the door,

Where have you been Victoria? We’ve been worried to the core!

Victoria said sorry, whilst Jess gave her a welcome greeting,

For she knew that poor Victoria had been stuck in a boring meeting!

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