13 February 2017
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13 February 2017,

As part of the Community Engagement & Employability Workshop (Leeds), which focuses on transference of skills into the community and working towards employment, our most recent project is getting to know our local community better.
We thought the best place to start would be to get to know our S.A.S community better, as we provide daily social skills workshop support across Leeds, Bradford and York. Recently we went to visit Bradford at their new site (we moved in November 2016 and are now based in Little Germany).

We had a lovely guided tour lead by Alex (Bradford member) from the Money and business management group. The cookery workshop had made us some delicious treats which we enjoyed with a nice cup of tea! We wanted to say a big thank you to the Bradford groups for making us feel so welcome, and we really enjoyed seeing the new premises and learning about Bradford at the same time!

Community Engagement & Employability Workshop (Leeds)


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