18 April 2017
18 April 2017,

On the 28th February, the Leeds Multimedia Workshop visited the York Railway Museum. It had been chosen for location filming for our new project around creating a TV mini-series. The episode in question was “Slaughter on a Train”. The group wanted to collect stock footage and if possible get some scenes filmed.

We emailed the railway museum in advance to ask for permission to conduct some filming. While we were there we also had a look around the exhibits and travelled there for the first time using the new Zap bus service from Leeds bus station. This had been suggested by members as it was free to travel with a disabled bus pass. These buses were frequent, fast, comfortable and had free wifi. The group really enjoyed the visit, and said they learnt about analyzing and evaluating the filming process, acting, spontaneity (some of the scenes were not rehearsed and members chose to embrace the opportunity to film them on top of planned scenes), working as a team, patience, communicating with one another to direct the scene and also talk to the public (supported by staff so they could have an area to themselves to film) and listening to each other. This was important during filming so each individual knew their role and those watching the scene knew when to be quiet.

Feedback from the group:

“The museum was the perfect setting for our scary tale. We all worked as a well-oiled unit and we achieved some great footage, a great day”

“Staff and public were patient whilst filming made the project more realistic it was kind of them to let us use an exhibit for live action sequences”

“Evening Star train meant a lot to me I went and showed it respect and enjoyed the opportunity to film on a real train”

“One of my favourite places, not been for a while nice to see the new Euro Star exhibit.”

“Been a while since I have been, it was nice to see the Flying Scottsman. I was worried about filming in costume but we pulled it off”

You will have to wait to see the finished episode!

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