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About Volunteering

We’re always looking for dedicated and caring individuals to volunteer their time within various roles across our organisation. Maybe you are looking for work experience before entering a career in Health and Social Care or Psychology or maybe you are interested in learning more about autism through volunteering?

Whatever your motivation, we can provide excellent supported work experience placements where you will have the opportunity to develop your skills, knowledge of the industry and understanding of autism. Many of the skills you will develop across a number of our voluntary roles will be useful if you choose to pursue a job in another industry.

All of our volunteers are invited to attend our staff training programme and receive regular supervision and support throughout their ongoing placements. You will receive the same opportunities and resources to continue your professional development as our staff team.

Our Volunteering Opportunities

Workshop Volunteering | Skills Based Volunteering | Corporate Volunteering

Workshop & Direct Support Volunteering

If you are interested in volunteering or seeking a placement at Specialist Autism Services within our direct support services (e.g. our daily group social skills workshops) please complete the application form by clicking the button below and return it to your local branch via post or email.

Due to the needs of our members we are only able to accept volunteering applications from individuals that are able to provide a regular commitment for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. This can be as little as half a day a week to full time hours, however the days that you volunteer may have to be the same each week. Although we accept that your circumstances may change and therefore we can be flexible with this timescale, it is important for potential applicants to recognise that for both the applicant and our members to get the most out of your placement, there needs to be sufficient time spent building trusting relationships.

If would like to ask us any questions, please contact the local branch in your area by clicking here. All volunteering opportunities are managed at each local branch and therefore to enquire about availability you should contact the specific location that you are interested in volunteering for.

Skills based Volunteering

Do you have specific skills or knowledge of a specific area that you love to teach others about? We feel it is really important to provide our members with as many opportunities to broaden their awareness and learn new skills. It is for these reasons that we like to regularly invite individuals that would like to plan and deliver skills/knowledge based learning sessions within our existing daily group workshops.

A typical workshop includes around 10 individuals with high functioning autism/aspergers, and at least 4 staff members to support them. You will be responsible for planning and delivering the content (we’ll work with you to make sure this is autism-friendly and also help you in any way we can) and we will make sure that our members are supported to engage with your session.

When we receive an expression of interest from an individual we consult with all of our members to see who would like to attend the specific topic. This does mean sometimes that due to a lack of interest we have to respectfully decline some applications, however our members are keen to learn new things and so this only happens rarely.

As a bit of inspiration, some examples of previous talks include Creative Writing, IT & Digital Safety, Website Design and Sexual Health.

There is availability to deliver these sessions in Leeds, Bradford or York. If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to discuss this further, please get in touch on 01132 775 656 or info@specialistautismservices.org and ask for the Communications Team. We are happy to explain more about how this opportunity would work and what you can expect.

Corporate Volunteering

Does your employer provide you with a specific number of hours that you can use towards charitable causes across the year? We have a number of regular opportunities for you to participate throughout our organisation. These volunteering placements may be working on specific new projects, helping out with building things like sensory rooms, fundraising, gardening and spending some time at our social enterprises.

Similar to the above skills based volunteering, we also enjoy getting to know what you do at the organisation you work for and so do our members. Perhaps you may want to use your volunteering hours to provide work orientation visits to the members on our employment programmes or to come to our sites and deliver a presentation around what your job role involves.

We have many ways that you can support the great work that we do across the year, however as the needs of our organisation change, so does the availability of these volunteering roles. To find out more about how you can use your voluntary hours to support our cause currently, please contact the Communications Team on 01132 775 656 or info@specialistautismservices.org.