21 April 2017
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21 April 2017,

Help us raise employment opportunities for adults with autism here in Yorkshire!

This is your chance to help us make the biggest difference to employment opportunities for adults with autism here in Yorkshire. NatWest Skills and Opportunities Fund are offering one chosen charity the opportunity of gaining £35,000 to help build better communities for everyone and Specialist Autism Services is delighted to be one of them.

Why vote for us?

Specialist Autism Services intend to extend our current Autism specific employment programme and work in partnership with Business Services Leeds to support adults with an Autism Spectrum Condition to explore/develop self-employment opportunities through a combination of workshops and 1:1 support.

This funding will allow us to further develop our existing employment programme by providing us with the opportunity to focus on the inclusion of self-employment as a positive occupational outcome that someone with an ASC can aspire to as a viable career possibility. With only 15% of individuals with autism in employment compared to 46% of those with a disability, we feel so much potential is going to waste. 79% of adults with autism want to work and all have a wide range of often unique strengths and talents to offer.

As part of this project Business Services Leeds will train our Employment Team to enable them to continue to provide this type of support once this project is completed. Without this funding we would not be in a position to initiate this innovative project.

We anticipate that through this essential project 120 individuals with autism will engage with the workshops, 75 with the 1-1 coaching sessions and potentially 10 new business will be created.

How you can help us?


Click the link below and vote for us! No need to register or enter any of your information. Just click “North” on the right hand side, then scroll to “Specialist Autism Services” and “Vote” next to our name. VOTING CLOSES ON THE 5TH MAY 2017!

Click here to vote!


Thank you for your support!

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