100% Digital Leeds – Award Celebration

100% Digital Awards 100% Successful

Friday 13th September this year proved to be very fortuitous for us as we were one of the organisations in Leeds to receive funding through the 100% Digital Awards. Previously, through the generous Leeds Library scheme of loaning technology (I-Pads \ Tablets) the Leeds site were able to expand our members working knowledge of technology and expand their social interactions and collaborative working.

Inspired by the effective use of this technology, we applied for funding through Leeds City Council’s 100% Digital Awards. We were one of the lucky recipients, there were 18 other organisations receiving funding. We can now expand our technology capabilities through the purchase of IPads, tablets and laptops, plus associative equipment.

Thank you so much to Leeds City Council, who were able to see the potential within our members thanks to the applied use of technology. Leeds Centre manager, Linda went along with Ryan to pick up the huge cheque (which will require a huge paying-in book) at Leeds Central Library. Now, to put together that shopping list.”