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Specialised support since 1999.

Working for and with Adults with Autism

Specialist Autism Services has worked exclusively for and with adults (18+) on the autism spectrum and their families since 1999. We are a non-profit organisation that works with the charity Sacar to provide autism specific services across the Yorkshire region.

We provide a range of services including group social skills workshops (through an autism-specific learning programme), information and guidance, autism-specific counselling, employment support, autism awareness training and community outreach support. Under the name Autism First we also provide bespoke support for adults with autism and additional needs.

“We’ve learnt a lot from the people we have supported over the last two decades and continue to adapt our services and working practices to best meet the needs of adults with autism.”

We believe that adults with Autism deserve access to the correct level of support at the right time. We are passionate about empowering our service users (members) to develop their skills, enabling them to progress onto new opportunities such as independent living or employment.

We are always learning together with the people that we support and through this we continually develop and improve the service we provide.

We aim to make a positive difference to the lives of our members and through person-centred support we create opportunities for people to work towards their personal goals, build confidence, develop social skills, increase independence and ultimately fulfil their potential.

“The work Specialist Autism Services does with individuals goes beyond interview skills and application forms, their support is crucial not only for individuals’ employment prospects but for their confidence and general wellbeing.”

“I’ve been visiting other services and this is my favourite one to come to. Lovely space and atmosphere and members can be seen engaging in activities. I wish I could send some of my other clients here.”

Our Mission

Specialist Autism Services’ mission is to support adults with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome by the provision of health, education, training, sports, creative art and counselling activities, which promote their social inclusion, training opportunities and ultimately employability.

Our key aims are:

Our Values

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An invidivual with autism using a laptop to improve their skills.