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Autism Reach

Online Workshops for Autism Support

Online Workshops for Autism Support

Autism Reach is an online service for people with Autism who don’t have any Autism specific support services within their reach. This could mean you live in a rural area, are unable to access building-based support, or you don’t have access to any Autism specific services in your area.

Autism Reach is an online service for people with Autism who want to:

About Us

Specialist Autism Services have over 20 years’ experience of exclusively working for and with adults with an Autism spectrum condition. Our staff team are highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced in working with individuals with Autism. Each staff member has received in-house specialist training developed through consultation and feedback from those we support.

Autism Specific Individual Learning Programme

We work with our members to create an Autism specific Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and help them work towards their goals and aspirations. We support the development of social interaction and communication skills through staffed online workshops and encourage peer support. Our workshops are member-led which means they choose the topics, for example, social skills, money management, independent living, media, and gaming.

Employment Support

Provided by our experienced Employment Team

At Specialist Autism Services we understand the barriers individuals on the Autism spectrum face when looking for and maintaining suitable employment.

We have developed a range of tried and tested programmes of support to address these barriers to employment, and empower individuals to make progress towards their work related goals.
Our employment support is member-led, person-centred and takes individuals strengths and abilities, as well as specific support needs into account.

We also work with employers directly and welcome interest and contact from local employers needing advice and support to fine tune their recruitment and working practises to be more inclusive and ‘autism friendly’.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Many people with Autism are socially isolated, made worse by the coronavirus pandemic.

Autism Reach aims to improve Mental Health and Wellbeing using a strengths-based approach, focused on developing skills, community engagement, increasing opportunities and promoting independence, with staff and peer support.


Autism Reach is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, providing access to Autism specific support to those living in rural areas and individuals who cannot access the correct support.

Sample Timetable

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Autism Reach

Autism Reach sessions cost £54 per 3 hour session.

Please contact us for more service information and a free taster session.