Autism specific therapy

"I didn't get on well with mainstream services and so I feel really lucky to have found autism specific counselling, and a service that truly understands me."

Structured around an individual's autistic needs

Our autism specific counselling service is unique in that therapy is structured around an individuals autistic needs first and foremost. We make adjustments to each session to ensure that individuals can comfortably communicate, interact and express themselves.

A safe space

We offer a confidential and safe space for individuals to explore and come to terms with a new diagnosis, or to make sense of how their condition impacts on all aspects of life.

Individuals are able to relax in a friendly atmosphere where the condition is understood and talk about issues such as managing relationships with other people, bereavement, depression, low self-esteem, stress and anxiety

A specialist understanding

As we have worked exclusively with adults with autism for over two decades, we have a specialist understanding of autism which removes the need for individuals to explain their behaviours and communication methods, allowing both the counsellor and individual to focus solely on the root cause of difficulties.

Throughout autism specific counselling and the exploration of different issues, strategies can be introduced to help individuals cope with life events and everyday social situations.

Developing strategies

We can use different types of therapeutic methods (such as talking therapy, CBT skills, educational discussion and mind mapping) as well as different methods of communication to identify any difficulties and to develop strategies for you to manage social interaction and everyday living.

We do this in a way that is specific to what will help you the most. Through autism specific counselling we aim to improve your ability to cope with stress and anxiety, build your confidence and develop your social skills.


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Our autism specific counselling is currently delivered at our Bradford and Leeds sites.