Calder Valley Brick Show

January 26th was the 3rd annual brick show in Mytholmroyd.

Lego enthusiasts from around the UK attended the event to show off their wonderful Lego creations.

Our Social Enterprise Coordinator for Autism Bricks UK, Martin Burgess,  visited the Calder Valley Brick Show to discover what takes place.

The event was packed with displays, from built up standard kits to themed displays from our favourite movies and TV shows, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Fantastic Beasts, The Simpsons, The Hobbit and even the Lab from Breaking Bad.

Amongst the displays there were mechanical models, including a fully functioning loom, a robot that could solve a Rubiks cube and a shove tuppence machine.

At the event we found numerous stalls to buy a large range of brand new and second hand Lego sets, as well as replacement parts, mini figures and MOC (my own creation) models. 

If you would like to attend a Brick Show, the next events are in Huddersfield and Halifax:

Huddersfield Brick Show - Sunday 7th June 2020

Halifax Family Brick Show - Sunday 27th Sept 2020