Calderdale Employment Programme

Preparing adults with autism for employment

Improve your employability

Mondays (Except for bank holidays) 

10:30pm to 2:30pm

The Calderdale Employment Programme is a free service funded by Calderdale Council which supports adults with an autism or Aspergers diagnosis or those who are actively seeking a diagnosis, and live in the Calderdale area.

Practical support from experienced staff, who understand autism, is provided to enable individuals to work towards their chosen employment goals through meaningful social skills workshops and 1:1 employment support. Members of the employment programme can take part in activities that focus on gaining and maintaining employment, and how autism may affect this. 

The employment team will support members of the programme throughout the entire employment process, from writing your CV, job applications, attending interviews, and any difficulties that may arise during employment.

Work orientation visits

When possible, we can provide visits to a chosen workplace so that you can gain an understanding of different types of jobs and what skills may be required. 

Confidence building

During the programme you will learn new skills, share experiences with your peers and increase your confidence to take the next steps in your journey towards employment,

Skills for employment

During the employment programme, we can support you to develop important social and communication skills that you will need in employment.

We can help you to develop a clear understanding of employment, create an employability toolkit including your CV and cover letter, help to build your confidence when using the telephone, and improve your interview skills.

How do I join the employment programme?

Ask your Work Coach at the Job Centre to complete a referral form for you, or contact the Specialist Autism Services employment team directly.

Where is the Calderdale Employment Programme?

When is the Calderdale Employment Programme?

Mondays (Except for bank holidays)

10:30pm to 2:30pm

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Need more information?

Find out how we can help, contact the employment team, by email or phone:

01274 789789 (ask for Wil Quick, or Patrick O'Neil)

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